Canon_iR ADV C7565I 3 : un photocopieur à louer plutôt qu'à acheter

Modèle : Copieur Multifonction Départemental / 80PPM

Rent your photocopier or printer from Print Value, the professional printer rental and repair expert

  • Pro-active maintenance
  • Quick interventions
  • Automatic ordering of consumables
  • Replacement in the event of breakdown and recycling of the old copier
  • Equipment always on the cutting edge of technology
  • Simple management: just 4 invoices/year
  • A skilled professional who listens to you
  • Number of pages/minute
  • Scanner to e-mail/folder
  • Colour printing
  • Fax feature
  • Printing & scanning on both sides of the page
  • Touch screen
  • Internal stapling
  • Network connection
  • Hard drive
  • Delivery/Installation
  • Multifonction Compact Color From
  • 33€ /month
  • 33 pages / min
  • 160 Go
  • Small work group Multifonction Color A4 From
  • 54€ /month
  • 47 pages / min
  • 160 Go
  • Large work group Multifonction Color A4 From
  • 97€ /month
  • 47 pages / min
  • 160 Go
  • Small work group copier color A3 From
  • 80€ /month
  • 20 pages / min
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • 240 Go
For your worksites or events


Most of the colour copiers feature native touch screens and can send faxes or be connected to a network of machines. Printing speed depends on the model and desired printing format. For example, an A4 colour copier prints 47 pages per minute compared with 45 for the high-end model in A3 format. Most of the copiers have high internal capacity—around 160 GB—which is useful for storing big files in the memory, for example.

Most of the black and white copiers have touch screens as well as native fax and e-mail/folder features. The high-end model is the only one with a hard drive that can store 160 GB. See our copier and printer guides to find out more.

Our price ranges

Our price range covers all company sizes, needs and budgets. For example, if you just need a device to photocopy in-house documents, we’ll advise you to choose a monochrome copier. Several models of black and white multifunctional photocopiers are available from €32 to €118. The latest has an integrated hard drive with an internal storage capacity of 160 GB.

For more complex needs and to send out professional documents, we’ll advise you to choose a colour copier, from €33 for the most compact model to €195 for the high-end one.

Our photocopier rental contracts

The various parties (lessor and lessee) sign a rental or leasing contract for equipment such as copiers or photocopiers. This type of contract is very useful for voluminous professional equipment likely to undergo many technological changes over time. A photocopier rental contract is the ideal solution for replacing equipment during the contract to take advantage of new products on the market.

Our maintenance contracts

A rental contract provides for technical assistance, which includes maintenance, breakdown service and repair. For example, rental contracts including maintenance cover many cases and can include two parts: “preventive maintenance”, giving customers access to common maintenance and the replacement of worn-out parts, and “curative maintenance”, in which the photocopier is replaced if it breaks down. This kind of contract is advised if the copier is intensively used on a regular basis.

Our products

We offer colour or black and white copiers in A4 or A3 format depending on your professional needs, daily output and whether you produce more in-house or send copies out. Most of our brand-name copiers are multifunctional, meaning they can print, scan, store and send documents through a specific network. Discover laser technology specially geared to professionals in search of productivity.

Our professional services

Our company offers a wide range of services, from equipment rental to auditing and comprehensive management of your machines depending on your needs. We also provide professional, personalised support to help you manage your daily photocopying expenses better. Our “printing policy” helps you save money in the long term and learn how to use your equipment and master technological advances.

Quoted rates are indicative and subject to change depending on supply and stocks. Photos are non-contractual. Rental subject to acceptance of the application.

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