For your worksites or events

Short-term rental of printing equipment


Because your worksites and events require special solutions, our tailor-made offer includes:

  • Appropriate equipment
  • Flexible contracts
  • Advantageous rates
Printing equipment needs

For your worksites

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For over five years, we’ve been working with the world’s biggest construction companies to equip their worksites with printing equipment.

With over 200 worksites to our credit, we’re fully aware of worksites’ specific constraints:

  • Precarious premises
  • High volume of A3, mobile users, etc.
  1. 1
    Equipment geared to the worksite
    • A sturdy, stronger copier
    • A reliable plotter
    • Accessories to meet your needs: 4G router, network cables, etc.
  2. 2
    Services specific to worksites
    • Special logistics to meet your needs: access security, precarious offices, etc.
    • Removal during building projects
    • Delivery of consumables by our own teams for hard-to-reach sites
    • A cost page contract
  3. 3
    A well-considered offer
    • Attractive short-term rates
    • Flexible monthly contracts
    • Billing adapted for groupings
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Printing equipment needs

For your events

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Your events—springboards for your growth—represent a big investment. Everything must be perfect.

We offer printing equipment for any kind of event:

  • Trade shows & exhibitions
  • Pop-up showrooms for fashion week
  • Seminars
  • Sports events
  1. 1
    Equipment geared to your needs

    Depending on your needs—light for flexibility or intensive for production use—our offer is very wide.

  2. 2
    Tailor-made services
    • Weekend delivery
    • Delivery during off hours
  3. 3
    A well-considered offer
    • One-day to one-month rental contracts
    • All-inclusive: equipment, consumables, maintenance
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Transparent contracts with no surprises, highly qualified technicians

Need to rent printing equipment for a short time?

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    Impression, dématérialisation, archivage, chez Print Value nous envisageons vos documents dans leur ensemble.

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